On the journey to help People achieve their Peak Performance

On the journey to help People achieve their Peak Performance
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In 2018, I was working at one of the fastest-growing digital payment startups in the country. I was responsible for initiating and leading an entirely new category while managing many stakeholders and team members. The problem was that I had no prior experience or training for leadership positions. Being a home-grown manager, I got promoted into a leadership position simply on the basis of my past individual performances & entrepreneurial stints.

Gaurav, my co-founder, faced his own share of struggles when he joined his family business in the publishing space. Having to manage people who had a lot more experience than him gave an ugly Impostor Syndrome episode. Gaurav would have almost sabotaged his career if he had not taken a professional coach’s help.

These experiences, shared by my co-founder and me, gave us an important lesson. We understood that even though the modern corporate world demanded leadership at every level of an organization, there are hardly any structured approaches to bestowing the leadership skills and experience required. At the same time, organizations go through their own set of unprecedented challenges like hyper-competition, knowledge becoming a salable commodity, etc. And to thrive, they need to make innovation the core of whatever work they do.

It is with this context in mind that Peakperformer was formed to not only serve the leadership development needs at the top of the pyramid but to groom leaders at all levels who can thrive in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world.

Why do we exist?

Leadership development is already ripe for disruption and we are making it contextual, interactive, and scalable via:

  1. Accessible to all: As we are moving towards servant leadership from positional leadership, cross-functional teams are becoming a norm. Even Individual contributors, first-time managers are assumed to take leadership responsibilities without any formal training process. Our platform democratizes it across levels, from ICs to CEO-level.
  2. New age frameworks & tools: Enterprises still follow traditional competencies that are built for existing leaders to progress in their careers. Employees often start in entry-level roles that require the ability to be inclusive, influence, collaborate, innovate, and inspire. We are building disruptive frameworks with our team of coaches & mentors from fast-growing global companies for the emerging leaders of tomorrow.
  3. Context over Content: While most leadership development training programs emphasize content, it’s really context that matters most from the people with similar life experiences. We have productized our programs in a way that allows the coaches/mentors to offer the customized modules that matter most to the organization & learner, instead of bombarding them with everything that looks like leadership.

Impact: 95% learner engagement, with strong buy-in & enrollment from executives & CEOs to the program. Focussed on helping them grow in their personal lives tied to tangible & intangible business outcomes. 4.5+ session rating and 60% upgrade of learners at the enterprise level.

Who are we for?

There are more than 14,000 organizations in India from fast-growing industries, out of which 60% believe in closing skills gaps is an urgent business priority. Globally, more than $25 billion dollars has been spent on leadership development, with more than 25% of organizations planning to increase their budget by 10–25% in the coming years.

Talent developers are laser-focused on building soft skills — interpersonal skills that are foundational to every employee’s success, regardless of their functional role or how the technology landscape evolves. This is a smart investment, given that the shelf life of technical skills is relatively short — less than 5 years — while strong leadership, creative, and communication skills are always in demand.

peakperformer is targeting more than three million professionals who are ready to grow in leadership roles and want to drive effective changes as individuals and as a team.

How does it work?

Our platform consists of remote 1:1 sessions targeted exclusively towards dynamic enterprises. Some of peakperformer USPs include:

● Smart coach-learner pairing
● 24*7 live chat with coaches
● Trackable metrics to measure ROI
● Transparent, digitized process

peakperformer is working with some of the country’s fastest-growing companies like Directi, Wingify, Bizongo, Onnivation, and its learners have previously worked in organizations like Adobe, LinkedIn, and Salesforce, amongst others. We are empowering passion economy, which provides seamless access to global experts from Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Google, and Pinterest, amongst others. With full utilization, Peakperformer promises the following benefits:

● 15% improvement across skills-building partnerships, strategic thinking, and embracing change
● 5x ripple effect in organizational culture
● Measurable improvement in profits, customer satisfaction & people utilization.

What our learners are saying?

How does the future look like?

Overall, one in four enterprises have a dedicated line item for coaching & mentoring as part of their budget, and they strongly believe that it can help them increase their talent density & become a high-performing organization.

Since the launch of our product, we have been growing at more than 100% MoM and are already 20X in GMV as compared to the beginning of the year.

Our goal in 2021, is to become a one-stop solution for enterprises when they think of building leaders across levels & strong coaching & mentoring culture and we are excited to help thousands of professionals unlock their potential, build tangible leadership skills and achieve their peak performance.

About us:

We are a team of go-getters with previous experience of starting up, selling, and investing in startups ourselves. Agility & nimbleness is what we stand for, and we are super excited to build a platform that can help millions of people thrive and succeed in the global workforce.

Peakperformer Team

If you wish to know more or would like to associate with us in any capacity, drop me a line at aishwarya@peakperformer.io.