How Leadership Coaching Became a Part of the Culture at Bizongo

How Leadership Coaching Became a Part of the Culture at Bizongo

Started by 3 IIT pass-outs, Bizongo is a tech-enabled B2B platform that is transforming the fragmented and unorganized B2B segment of customized goods.

With Peakperformer, they were able to:

  • Empower their young managers and hone their leadership skills
  • Enhance their problem-solving skills and improve collaboration within the team
  • Develop empathy for and improve communication among peers

About Bizongo

Bizongo uses its digital platforms — Procure Live, Partner Hub, and Artwork Flow — to offer digital vendor management, supply chain automation, supply chain financing, and several other services to its enterprise users.

With over 120 enterprise customers, the B2B e-commerce platform caters to several industries across the landscape such as fashion & lifestyle, pharmaceuticals, consumer discretionary, consumer staples, home & personal care, and e-commerce.

Why opt for leadership coaching?

Though they were skeptical about the ROI of executive coaching during the initial stages of our conversation, it didn’t take too long for Bizongo to get convinced about the benefits of leadership coaching. The impact that high-growth startups such as CRED, Wingify, and others have seen with leadership coaching was a big factor in taking the conversation from apprehension to intrigue.

The coaching program was first rolled out to the leadership team at Bizongo. We onboarded them to the Peakperformer dashboard and started the coaching sessions with their co-founders.

The results were striking. Not only did executive coaching help these senior leaders make smarter decisions at work and forge stronger 1:1 relationships, it also lead to better collaboration between teams.

Bizongo quickly realized leadership coaching was the antidote to the “great resignation” and rolled out the executive coaching program to their senior executives, such as the VPs and directors, and even first-time managers.

More than 30 leaders in their organization were able to access professional coaching, out of which 17 were part of the senior management and 15 were first-time managers.

Tomar, CTO of Bizongo, had this to say, “All the co-founders at Bizongo, including me, have experienced the benefits of personalized coaching from an executive coach, and we realized that the experience was worth extending to all the leaders at Bizongo.”

How leadership coaching works

The process starts with a self-assessment that lets each individual evaluate their strengths and improvement areas. Based on the results, Peakperformer was able to identify coaches that were most closely aligned to their individual goals.

The content and curriculum for each leader were tailor-made by their coaches. The coaches are professionally trained and have extensive experience in the field of leadership coaching.

While the senior leadership batch went through an eight-month-long training, Peakperformer trained the first-time managers for three to four weeks.

Quoting Ankit Tomar, the CTO, “This leadership-development program is like a gift to all our leaders. They got an opportunity to develop themselves for the future and be better versions of themselves, which will be good not just for the company, but also for them.”

The first-time managers started with group-learning sessions. Once these were successfully completed, each manager got the opportunity to be trained and coached personally, ensuring personal attention to their individual goals.

Impact of personalized coaching

The company focused on two essential leadership qualities with this leadership coaching program: problem-solving and empathy.

Like other upskilling initiatives in their organization, they wanted to make this leadership coaching focused on ‘CULT,’ an acronym for collaboration, upskilling, leadership, and transparency.

Collaboration – Facilitating seamless and effective communication between leaders and employees across all levels.

Upskilling – Enabling employees to stay up to date with their skills and leaders prioritize learning in their daily routine.

Leadership — Ensuring folks can take autonomous decisions and tough calls with minimal interventions and approvals.

Transparency – Giving leaders the chance to complete 360-degree feedback in a civilized way, and at the same time, also receive feedback from the folks who report to them.

Bizongo was able to get closer to its organizational goals through a personalized leadership coaching program. The program fostered better communication and camaraderie, especially during remote work.

Upskill your organization with leadership coaching

At Peakperformer, we provide personalized leadership coaching and help executives resolve their day-to-day challenges.

Our digital leadership coaching platform is currently used by tech behemoths such as CRED, Groww, MPL, Bizongo, etc.

We help people leaders transform employees into global leaders in a practical, scalable, and measurable way.

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