A Message from the Founders' Desk at Peakperformer

A Message from the Founders' Desk at Peakperformer

Today is a special day for us at Peakperformer — we’re thrilled to announce our seed funding of $3 million led by Sequoia India’s Surge with other amazing backers like Antler India, Blume Founders Fund, and angel investors from some of the most remarkable tech companies.

This is a significant milestone for us in more ways than one. We not only know that some of the best and the brightest in the industry have our back but we also get to partner with them to take our mission to the world — to make leadership coaching accessible to anyone who needs it. Getting this validation at this stage in our journey is remarkable and humbling at the same time.

But what is our mission, really? Here’s a bit about where we are right now, and where we’d like to go from here.

Making Leadership Coaching Accessible

When we started Peakperformer in 2020, the idea was to help young managers like us navigate the challenges of a young and diverse workforce. Our conversations with others like us reaffirmed our faith in the realization that modern managers invariably face the same challenges and more often than not, they don't know where to go for help.

We dug around, spoke to some of the smartest people we know to investigate this a bit more. The truth was out there for everyone to see. Managers that have access to the right leadership and behavioral skills are not just better equipped to do their job, they can guide their team to achieve their north star metric with greater predictability. But while the benefits of coaching were obvious, only a small segment of the senior leadership had access to it. We knew that the answer lay in making coaching more accessible and relatable to younger managers, right at the start.

What started as an idea found wings in the support we got from our early customers, leaders, and coaches who have been instrumental in getting us where we are today.

Where We Go from Here

This is an exciting time for the entire team at Peakperformer for a number of reasons. As we ready ourselves for this next chapter, we’re eager to share a glimpse of our priorities for the future.

Some of our guiding principles are to:

  • Create a tech-first product that is accessible and available to everyone
  • Build a community of world-class coaches across industries and specializations
  • Be a bridge between the coach and the learner and facilitate the learning experience

In this new age of remote work where teams become more diverse, our focus continues to be providing managers with the support and guidance they need to build high-performing teams no matter where they are.

This Round will Fuel

A key focus area for us will be to continuously improve the product and make it easier for our coaches and learners. We plan on using this round of funding to expand our team as we venture into newer markets.

We also plan to launch many new features and modules that go beyond the coach and learner interaction. Our upcoming updates include additional content resources that learners can access on their own to make coaching a continuous learning experience.

Thank You

None of this would mean anything without our army of supporters. From our early customers to the coaches and learners on our platform - you are the engine that drives Peakperformer. We came into existence because each one of us felt the need for that extra guiding hand at some point in our career. We’ve gotten here because each one of you believed in that, too.

And from the deepest depths of our hearts, thank you to our investors for believing in us. We couldn’t have made it thus far without you. Let’s go make workplaces better, one manager at a time.

- Nilesh & Aishwarya

Start your Leadership Coaching Journey with Peakperformer

At Peakperformer, we help people leaders transform employees into global leaders in a practical, scalable, and measurable way. Our digital leadership coaching platform is currently used by tech behemoths such as CRED, Groww, MPL, Bizongo, and many more.

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